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PyCharm 1.0 Release Candidate

We’re very happy to announce the immediate availability of PyCharm 1.0 Release Candidate, the (almost) final release of our Python and Django IDE.

Besides bugfixing, we’ve managed to sneak in a couple of last minute feature improvements:

  • Files containing errors are now highlighted with a wavy red underline in the Project View (see screenshot);
  • You can now ignore certain unresolved identifiers everywhere in your project, by pressing Alt-Enter on an identifier and selecting the “Ignore…” quickfix from the popup;
  • You can now disable the auto-import popup on a per-file basis (click on the “Hector the Inspector” status bar icon and uncheck the “Import popup” checkbox);
  • Handling of lines wrapped with backslashes has been significantly improved (the formatter can reformat such lines correctly now, and can also add backslashes when it’s necessary to wrap the line correctly).

Note that we’ve enabled final licensing code in this build, so when you run it, you’ll see a prompt to enter a license. Please select the 30-day evaluation option — and don’t be afraid to lose the days of your evaluation period, because when the final 1.0 version is released, it’ll restart the 30 days period again.

Download the Release Candidate version now, and don’t forget the 50% discount coupon for the PyCharm license. If you haven’t got your coupon just yet, next week may already be too late.

Files containing errors are highlighted in the Project View

Develop with pleasure!
– JetBrains PyCharm Team

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