PyCharm build 96.1203 is available

Today we’ve got one more new EAP build for you — probably one of the last before the final release of PyCharm 1.0. The goodies inside include:

  • Yet another round of performance improvements (as usual — if you’re not happy, please send us a CPU snapshot!);
  • New “Create Package” action (to create a directory and inside it);
  • Improved completion of import statements;
  • Possibility to specify any file as the Django settings file;
  • Improved support for Google App Engine auto-configuration and Django on GAE projects;
  • And all other bugfixes listed in the Release Notes.

Download PyCharm today, and if you haven’t yet got a 50% discount coupon – hurry up and get one, they won’t be available after the final release.

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5 Responses to PyCharm build 96.1203 is available

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  2. Ben Wilber says:

    Too bad it’s Java .. AKA sucks memory like a pig and Owned by the Man.

  3. Gareth Conner says:


    Luckily RAM is cheap, Java is reasonably fast, and PyCharm looks fantastic and works well. Best Python tool I’ve seen.

  4. stlum9495 says:

    Anyone else having problems running unit tests from 96.1203?

  5. stlum9495 says:

    Agree with Gareth + PyCharm works well, and is far better than Pydev! Pydev is just painful…

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