PyCharm build 100.54 is available

The main motivation for releasing this build so soon after the previous one is to fix the packaging problem in the Linux version which affected the previous EAP build.

As usual, there’s a bunch of other fixes, in particular in the new remote debugging functionality. If any of these sound interesting to you, please download the new EAP build and give it a try!

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15 Responses to PyCharm build 100.54 is available

  1. Dale says:

    The OSX dmg file seems broken. When I try to download it, I always get a 4k file that OSX says is bad when I try to open it.

  2. jzelez says:

    Mac build is mislinked? (4kb file)

  3. masklinn says:

    mmm 404 when trying to get the OSX dmg for 100.54

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  5. Works for me right now.

  6. jzelez says:

    For me it still doesn’t. I get:

    HTTP Status 404 – Artifact does not exist: pycharmPY-100.54.dmg

  7. fredrik says:

    download for build 100.54 mac os x doesn’t work. Downloaded file is only 4k.

  8. Oleg Butovich says:

    Cannot download 100.54 for OSX too..

  9. alexp says:

    Still says “HTTP Status 404 – Artifact does not exist: pycharmPY-100.54.dmg” for Mac OS build.

  10. yole says:

    We’ve re-uploaded the correct .dmg file for 100.54. Please use the same download link; it now leads to the correct file. Sorry for the trouble!

  11. masklinn says:

    Still getting a 404 “Artifact does not exist: pycharmPY-100.54.dmg” *when trying to fetch it via Safari 5.0.3*.

    Using Opera (10.63) works and downloads the DMG, using Camino (2.0.6) downloads a file correctly named but it’s actually downloading 1.1K (it downloads the 404 page), Firefox 3.6.12 does the same (downloads a ~1.1K file called pycharm-100.54.dmg but it’s the 404 HTML page).

    Even using the file link Opera downloaded from doesn’t seem to work in the others. Weird.

    PS: wget doesn’t work either, it gets a 302 to which gets a 200 OK response and downloads the 404 page.

    Anyway for other people having trouble downloading the file: if you go through opera it should work

  12. It downloads a 50 Mb file for me on latest Firefox / Linux.

  13. Mark Brazil says:

    There is a lot of screen corruption while using pycharm (100-54)

    After running a program or two you get square gray blocks appearing on the bottom.

    Even just moving through the menus will leave a lot of gray boxes and blocks on the screen.

    Very weird if this is based on intellij 10 (which i currenly use without issue)

  14. I have screen corruption problems with Debugger, but not with the IDE in general. Please submit a YouTrack ticket with screenshots.

  15. Mark Brazil says:


    Added a couple of screenshots too, easy to reproduce either use menus or right click on a file.

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