Early Access Program Releases

PyCharm build 100.34 is available

Now that the stress of the IntelliJ IDEA 10 release is behind us, we can return to the regular schedule of PyCharm 1.1 Early Access Preview builds. During the three weeks that have passed since the previous EAP, the PyCharm team has created quite a few new features:

  • Initial support for remote debugging, the most highly voted feature in our issue tracker;
  • New test runner for nose tests, with support for nose plugins;
  • Several new quickfixes, for example, one to add forgotten ‘self.’ qualifier for instance attribute access;
  • New intentions, such as ‘join ifs’;
  • Support for Python 3 parameter and function annotations for specifying types used by code analysis and code completion;
  • A number of other fixes and productivity improvements.

You can download the new build from the EAP page. In the coming days, we plan to publish a number of blog posts (and maybe even screencasts) describing how to use the new features of PyCharm 1.1 in more detail.

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