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PyCharm licenses: there’s one for everyone

With PyCharm 1.2 we’ve introduced a new license type: Academic license. And with 5 license types available at the moment we thought a short explanation of what is what might be useful.


If you work for a company and want to buy a PyCharm license for yourself, your colleagues or your subordinates, this one is for you and the price is per developer. Volume discounts apply!


You are a passionate developer who wants to be productive and willing to invest in it? Go for the Personal license. Once it’s yours, you can have PyCharm installed on any number of your computers, both at home and at work, under any supported OS.


Are you a student using Python in your studies? Or a teacher? Are you running some lab research in your college or university? And it’s non-profit work? This one is probably for you. Fill a small application, tell us what you do, and we’ll get back to you.


If you are running a programming class and want all your students to learn using a professional tool then we can grant you a Classroom license with unlimited number of installations. All it takes is to complete the application form.

Open Source

This one is simple. We highly appreciate the open-source movement! And if you are a part of a public open-source project, let us know and we’ll send you a license that can be used by any member of the project.

So, which one is you?

Updates, Upgrades and Renewals

We tend to release product updates quite often as we fix some issues and add new features. Once you obtain a license for PyCharm, you can install ALL updates for free during one year, no matter whether major or minor ones. Your license does not expire after a year, and you can continue using the IDE, but you need to purchase an “Upgrade Subscription Renewal” in order to be able to install subsequent updates. We’ll send you a timely reminder about the approaching renew date, or you can contact JetBrains Sales team at any time.

Still have questions — ask away!

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