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PyCon wrap up: 10 free PyCharm license winners announced

So, PyCon US is over. It was great: fun and interesting.
It was our first experience exhibiting at PyCon and we’ll positively do it again next year.
There’s nothing like chatting face to face to potential users to find our what they need or don’t need in your product.

We kindly thank everyone who stopped by and talked to us. An absolute pleasure was to meet those of you who came to thank us for a great product. We just can’t appreciate it enough.

And by the way, our efforts to scan your badges were not wasted. As promised we’ve raffled 10 free personal licenses for PyCharm. And the winners are:

  1. John Lockwood
  2. Praveen Shilavantar
  3. Jeff Holtzman
  4. Miguel de Val-Borro
  5. Corey Bertram
  6. Tom Brander
  7. Patrick Laban
  8. Glen Zangirolami
  9. Eric Siroker
  10. Douglas Morgan

Congratulations guys!
If you’re on the list you should shortly receive an e-mail from us with the details on how to get your prize.

Develop with pleasure!
JetBrains PyCharm Team

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