Python IDEs panel video from PyCon 2011

Just a quick note: the video from the Python IDEs panel at PyCon 2011 has already been published. So if you’re interested to see a live demo of PyCharm done by its lead developer, along with demos of Python Tools for Visual Studio, Komodo IDE, Wing IDE and Emacs, please have a look.

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9 Responses to Python IDEs panel video from PyCon 2011

  1. alex says:

    lol, emacs guy demonstrates debuger and vcs integration as it is something from bleding edge :)
    pycharm is the best, at least for python webev

  2. Yuce says:

    It’s incredible how PyCharm is ahead of the competition in Python IDEs. Definitely a well spent $99; kudos to you guys and keep up the good work!

  3. Robert says:

    Wing on top? Not quite x-platform. It’s out of the running!

  4. Jon says:

    I recently purchased a PyCharm license. It is pretty awesome. It has everything you need to develop great code faster. You can quickly find info, run tests, debug django or anything else.

    Great stuff!

  5. To explain the “not quite x-platform” comment for people that might not understand it: Wing IDE is currently an X11 app on OS X. It should be used w/ latest XQuartz, not the X11 that comes w/ OS X. We do hope to change this. Thanks to Dmitry for setting up this panel!

  6. I think PyCharm came out leagues ahead of the rest. The whole video just confirmed I did the right think by paying out for PyCharm.

    Thanks for making PyCharm!

  7. Alan says:

    This video made me switch over from Komodo IDE. The refactoring support and code intelligence is just awesome. Shame that its syntax highlighting isn’t quite as complete (e.g. reStructured text, Jinja2, etc) and I’ll probably have to switch between pyCharm and phpStorm a lot rather than having a unified editor as with Komodo.

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