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PyCharm Europe tour: DjangoCon, EuroPython

Last week some of us visited DjangoCon in Amsterdam. Needless to say, it was great as always.

Besides the interesting sessions, inspiring lightning talks (including a presentation of PyCharm) and evening fun (it’s Amsterdam!) we’ve attended the after-conference sprints and hacked some Django internals to add the ability to specify a custom test runner at the command line. The patch was accepted and it will allow PyCharm to integrate better with the Django test runner.

Also, during the conference all attendees could get a free PyCharm license, which, according to our records, almost 90% did. Awesome! We’re looking forward to your feedback in return.

And while in this road mood, next week we’re heading to Florence, Italy to attend EuroPython We’ll have an exhibition stand there, so if you’re curious about PyCharm or have any questions for the development team, we’ll be easy to find.

Oh, it’s so much fun to be a Python/Django developer! Visiting all these great events and beautiful cities…

So, Florence, here we come! But we’ll probably have a small PyCharm update later this week. Stay tuned!

What conferences/events are you attending? Tell us. We might come next time with some cool presents.

Develop with pleasure!
The PyCharm Team

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