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PyCharm license winners from EuroPython

While showing off PyCharm at EuroPython conference in Florence, we also had a 5 free licenses raffle.

And we did not forget that the winners should be announced. So, the winners are:

  • Zambaldi
  • Pietro Brunetti
  • Daniela Ghironi
  • Grzegorz Kapkowski
  • Marek Stępniowski

If you see your name in the list and you were at EuroPython — check the e-mail and find a message from us on how to get your free personal license.

And if you haven’t been to EuroPython, your next chance to meet the PyCharm developers is at PyCon DE in Leipzig, Germany in October.

Develop with pleasure!
The PyCharm Team

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1 Response to PyCharm license winners from EuroPython

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    Marc says:

    December 7, 2012

    I know that you sometimes take some prnesets with you, like 50% coupons for PyCharm; I’d suggest: don’t limit you to Python products! Many users already appreciate your IDEs, and maybe would like to expand their horizons; why not taking a few IDEA, Rubymine, TeamCity or Youtrack coupons with you at Europython?Thank you,Alan

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