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Work with Bitbucket from your favorite IDE, with a plugin by Atlassian

Hi everyone!

We always enjoy getting into a new community to understand how the practices inside it differ from other communities, e.g. Java from Ruby, Ruby from Python, etc.

One of the “de facto” standards of the Python community is Mercurial as the favorite version control system. And with PyCharm, we’ve been shipping a built-it Mercurial GUI client since the 1.0 release.

But then, there are services like Bitbucket that host the code. And since an IDE is all about “integrated environment”, why not integrate with them? Sure, we can do everything some day, but what we love above all is when a volunteer or a service owner steps in and creates an awesome IDE plugin.

And the Atlassian team just did that!
A new Bitbucket plugin is now available in our repository that offers a simple and well-working integration allowing you to:

  • checkout your existing Bitbucket repository and auto-open it as a project, and
  • share a project on Bitbucket instantly, without leaving the IDE.

The plugin works perfectly well with PyCharm and all other IDEs built on the IntelliJ Platform.

Develop with pleasure! And use version control!

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