Back to School Sale! PyCharm and YouTrack up to 50% OFF

Do you miss back-to-school rush time? Do you remember how it felt?

To remind about the wonderful and exciting time we all spent preparing for a new school year we’re announcing a Back to School Sale! Start new business year with the best tools for your development team!

During the entire month of September you can get 50% OFF when purchasing PyCharm personal license.

The offer also applies to YouTrack, our awesome bug and issue tracker. Up to 50% discounts are available for all license packs except the free one :)

Do not wait too long, September will end very soon and you don’t want to miss it.

Best Regards,
JetBrains Team

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9 Responses to Back to School Sale! PyCharm and YouTrack up to 50% OFF

  1. josh says:

    Thanks! Just grabbed a copy!

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  3. Tvrtko says:

    Will I be able to upgrade to PyCharm 2.0 normally?

    • Eugene Toporov says:

      PyCharm is not licensed per major version. Instead, with every license you get 1 year of free product updates, even to new major versions.
      So, if you purchase PyCharm now, you’ll get version 2.0 for free because it will be released this Fall.

      Hope it answers your question

  4. Jurie says:

    Soooo I have PyCharm 1 now. If I buy another PyCharm license for 50% off now (which I would then throw away I guess?), I get PyCharm 2 for free later. Otherwise I pay the normal price when PyCharm 2 comes out. Right?

    And does the 1 year of free product updates count from the moment I buy the PyCharm 1 (really 2) license, or from the moment PyCharm 2 is released? :)

    • Eugene Toporov says:

      It all depends on when you bought your current PyCharm license. If 2.0 is released within a year since your purchase date, you’ll be able to use 2.0 without any additional payments. If more than a year, you can renew your license for another year at about 40% of the full price.

      Hope it makes sense,

      • Jurie says:

        I bought PyCharm 1 on January 26th this year, so I guess I’m good. But 40% of the full price is very generous too.

        Thanks for the explanation, and keep up the good work!

  5. Jack says:

    Jetbrains, you guys is making it hard for me to whether buy a new license or upgrade my existing one since with your current offer. I only pay $10 more than I get a new license. Buy new or upgrade….dang it!

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