PyCharm 2.0 EAP open

Today we’re happy to announce the beginning of the Early Access Preview program (or EAP for short) for PyCharm 2.0. The EAP allows you to get access to early development builds of the new version, try out the new features and give your feedback in order to ensure that the final version meets your requirements.

Some of the features already available in the new version include:

  • Initial support for Mako templates (work in progress). The template format used in the project (Django or Mako) can be selected in Settings | Python Integrated Tools.
  • New in-place refactoring UI for Introduce Variable/Constant/Field;
  • Support for IPython in the built-in Python console;
  • Reporting of parameter type mismatch errors in function calls and binary operators (when the types can be inferred, of course);
  • Distinct highlighting for unicode and byte strings;
  • Support for PyPy;
  • New inspection to highlight usages of deprecated modules, classes and functions;
  • Option to display directory name in the editor tab title for non-unique filenames (such as or;
  • Option to display fields and inherited members in the Structure view;
  • Support for the attest test framework;
  • Context Info keyboard shortcut to show the enclosing declaration for the current caret position in the editor;
  • …and many other smaller performance and productivity improvements, as well as bugfixes.

The new version is available for download on the PyCharm 2.0 EAP page. The EAP builds expire 30 days after the release date, but are otherwise free to use and do not require any license. And note that if you buy a license now, it will be still valid for the 2.0 release – so make sure you don’t miss out on the 50% discount in September!

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40 Responses to PyCharm 2.0 EAP open

  1. Uznick says:

    Awesome! Thanks for release :)

  2. VoSi says:

    Looking forward for the “Multiple projects in one window” feature!

  3. Valentin Bryukhanov says:

    IPython in the console is very usefull.

  4. e0ne says:

    Great! It has many useful features/

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  6. Mike says:

    Will there be an upgrade price for the registered 1.5 version?

    • Dmitry Jemerov says:

      Your purchase of PyCharm includes all upgrades released within a year from the purchase date. If you’ve purchased PyCharm after the release of 1.5, 2.0 will almost certainly be a free upgrade for you.

  7. Ryan Blunden says:

    I agree with the comment about IPython in the console. The console is currently very lacking and is something I use every day.

    I would also like to see support for Jinja2 templates and seeing they’re so similar to Django, I can’t see this being too difficult?

  8. demikaze says:

    I look forward to the ability to run multiple instances of the IDE with different projects at the same time…

  9. Super!! Checking it out now. Been looking for a great Python IDE. Thanks guys!

  10. xx says:

    Can i haz web2py support ?

  11. Igor says:

    Any chance for Jinja2 templating support? I know there’s an outstanding bug for that, just wondering if you guys are planning to roll that out in time for 2.0

    Keep up the good work!

  12. Yury V. Zaytsev says:

    Given the broken state of GTK+ integration (probably it more of a fundamental Java problem, rather than something specific to Idea / PyCharm), what we really need is a dark LAF support (i.e. Substance’s Twilight or similar professionally designed LAF) =) !

    • Kevin says:


      With a dark theme and GTK+ you almost always end up with some areas of the UI that are entirely unreadable, in the case of my current theme it’s usually fairly important information that I can’t see.

  13. Robert says:

    Yummy…support for Mako! Thanks!

  14. Victor Hooi says:


    Awesome =).

    I get a weird error though when I try to run it:

    Could not save application settings: \\….\username\config\.PyCharm20\config\options

    (… represents the network server for my profile)


  15. Chistyakov Denis says:

    Good day, new version is very interesting and have much tasty food, but I can`t find deployment control (
    Is it EAP version limitation or I did something wrong?

  16. Angelo Dini says:

    Also looking forward for the “Multiple projects in one window” feature :)

  17. Michal Palicka says:

    Are you (JetBrains) going to bundle JavaScript debugger to PyCharm 2.0
    (see Thanks.

  18. Adam Jorgensen says:

    Congratulations guys. I’ve switched from 1.5.4 to the 2.0 EAP and so far it’s been a really smooth experience. A few plugins complain, but nothing that I was actually using.

    The improvements really stand out. I especially like the slimmer breakpoint condition editing feature and the indexing and general UI responsiveness seem to be much improved.

    Keep up the good work!

  19. G says:

    What about:
    – pylons/TurboGears support?
    – profiler support?


    • Dmitry Jemerov says:

      Pylons is unlikely to ever be supported; it’s much more likely that we’ll support Pyramid instead. But that’s not a 2.0 feature, and neither is TurboGears support.

      Profiler integration will not appear in 2.0 either.

  20. BrendanC says:

    Another vote for web2py support – this a an excellent webframework for anyone getting started with web development and the community is growing.

  21. Pepe says:

    Any suggest about to how develop web2py with Pycharm?

    Please, add support to web2py.

  22. I’m a happy owner of PhpStorm, but without web2py support I have no reason to purchase PyCharm. Another vote for supporting an award-winning framework.

  23. Hi, what about Web2Py support?

    I’m using eclipse, and I’m interesting in pycharm for Web2Py development

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