Early Access Program Releases Web Development

New PyCharm 2.0 EAP build: Django i18n, multiprocess debugging

During the past two weeks, the PyCharm team has mostly been focused on bringing the features we’ve already started (such as Mako and Cython support) closer to release condition, rather than delivering splashy new stuff. However, there are some new features that I would like to specifically highlight:

  • Navigation from the text inside of a {% trans %} or {% blocktrans %} tag in a Django template to the .po file;
  • Intention to wrap a block of text inside a Django template in a {% trans %} or {% blocktrans %} tag (immediately extracting the text to the .po file);
  • Possibility to debug an application that spawns multiple Python process (for example, a Django application which doesn’t run in –no-reload mode, or applications using many other Web frameworks that use a similar approach to code auto-reloading).

You can download the new build and read the detailed release notes on the EAP page.

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