New PyCharm 2.0 EAP build: onward with Mako, Jinja2 and Cython

Since the release of the previous EAP build, we’ve made significant progress improving many of the new features that have appeared in the previous EAP builds. Just to give a few highlights:

  • Cython now features a full type system (correct resolve and completion of members after a dot) and a formatter;
  • Jinja2 has working completion for filter and test names;
  • Mako has a new structure view and a formatter;
  • The i18n support in Django templates has a new UI for navigating from templates to .po files.

Also, we’ve inherited a few goodies from our IntelliJ Platform foundation, the most visible of which is a new look & feel for toolwindows. The UI work is still in progress; your feedback on the UI changes is very much welcome.

You can download the new build and read the detailed release notes on the EAP page.

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5 Responses to New PyCharm 2.0 EAP build: onward with Mako, Jinja2 and Cython

  1. Volodymyr Tartynskyi says:

    “Multiple projects in one window”
    any chances to be in release?

  2. Ted says:

    I’m seeing a problem. At some point during my work, Pycharm switches into a high-cpu utilization mode where it just pegs the CPU.

    When I get into that situation, how do I get you good debugging information?


  3. Tomáš Dvořák says:

    pycharm-110.303.exe (running on WinXP)
    Installs fine, but after run it just displays an error box saying: “An internal error has occured (error code: 22)””. After pressing OK, the application finishes.

    Previous versions worked fine (to the extent of being EAP), but they have expired in the meanwhile.


    Best regards,
    Tomáš Dvořák

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