PyCharm 2.5.2: better performance, fixed GitHub and retina-ready editor

We’ve just rolled out a fresh PyCharm 2.5.2 update for you.

There is a number of things in it we want to mention specifically:

  • improved performance of code analysis and completion for some files
  • fixed a number of issues in Python debugger
  • fixed GitHub compatibility.

Here is the full list of fixes.

There’s a number of fixes in the IntelliJ platform including some for web developers using SASS and Node.js and also support for Retina displays in the editor.

Use ‘Check for updates’ from PyCharm’s main menu to install the update without re-downloading. Or download the new version from PyCharm web site.

Next planned update is a bigger one PyCharm 2.6. Expect it in a few months.

News from our neighbor teams (non-paid)

YouTrackOur great keyboard-oriented issue tracker YouTrack has been just updated to the latest version.
YouTrack 4.0 introduces a completely new Agile project management module. Now Scrum teams can plan and manage their work during a series of consecutive sprints, while teams that follow Kanban process can manage and measure their work flow on the board.

Check out the YouTrack 4 What’s New page for details.

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2 Responses to PyCharm 2.5.2: better performance, fixed GitHub and retina-ready editor

  1. Fabritw says:

    Hi, the new release has broken my debugging inspector.

    I no longer can inspect attributes of model objects. I have rolled back my local version of PyCharm to 2.5.1 and it is now working correctly.

    For those with similar problems, the old version can be downloaded here:

  2. Ben Lamb says:

    Ah sweet retina text rendering, beautiful! Thanks.

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