PyCharm at DjangoCons around the world

This month has started interesting for PyCharm team. We spent a week in Zurich, Switzerland attending our second DjangoCon Europe 2012. Amsterdam was great last year, but this one met our high expectations.

Great event organization, cool venue (see picture above), skilled, passionate speakers and attendees. What else do you need? Oh, great coffee of course!

During the event we gave away a 100 free licenses of PyCharm (no kidding!), chatted with many people and even noticed PyCharm on the big screens on some speakers computers. Yay! We simply had a good time!

If you missed the conference and did not watch the live broadcasting, check out the videos of all talks from DjangoCon Europe. Some are really-really useful.

We also did 2 lightning talks. Check them out!
5 awesome things PyCharm can do for Django in 5 minutes by Dmitry Jemerov

Django Template Coverage by Dmitry Trofimov

And Zurich is nice, btw.

It is also decided that we’ll be at DjangoCon US in September. We’ll bring new PyCharm and some other surprises.

Let us know which events you plan to attend or have attended and found interesting.
See you at a next Python/Django event!

-The PyCharm Team

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2 Responses to PyCharm at DjangoCons around the world

  1. Is there any intentional feature available in webstorm that is missing in Pycharm or is pycharm supposed to be a strict superset of webstorm. Bascially if I buy pycharm would there be any motivation to buy webstorm?

    • Eugene Toporov says:

      Most of the features available in WebStorm are also available in PyCharm. Some difference may be in bundled plugins. Example: JSTestDriver plugin is not bundled with PyCharm. But you can install it manually from the repository.
      Another thing to consider is different release cycles. Some features may appear earlier in one product and later in the other.

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