PyCharm 2.7 Beta is available now

We’re happy to announce the release of PyCharm 2.7 Beta – the feature-complete preview version of PyCharm 2.7. Since the previous EAP build, the following features have been added:

  • Settings | Project Dependencies allows you to configure the dependencies between several projects opened in the same PyCharm window.
  • Settings | Remote SSH External Tools allows you to configure external tools that will run on a remote machine over SSH. Just as normal external tools (Settings | External Tools), the remote external tools can be easily accessed from the main menu or context menus.
  • Edit | Refill Paragraph allows to reflow the current string literal, comment or paragraph in a plain text file so that lines of text run up to the right margin but do not exceed it.
  • Shadowing built-ins is a new inspection that highlights definitions of names that match names of Python built-in functions.

We’ve also fixed a long-standing annoyance with PyCharm: namely, the “Comment code” shortcut now follows the PEP 8 requirements and adds the hash sign directly before the text in the line, rather than at column 0, and puts a space after the #.

As usual, you’re welcome to refer to the detailed release notes for more information, and to send your feedback through the issue tracker. The beta build itself is available from the EAP page or as a patch-based upgrade within the IDE.

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