Early Access Program Releases

PyCharm 2.7 EAP 124.571

After a long break (caused mostly by the holidays in Europe and then in Russia), we’re happy to bring you the first PyCharm EAP build for 2013. This build contains most of the features planned for the final 2.7 release – there’s a couple more minor things planned, but for the most part we’re done.

Here’s what’s new:

  • The SSH Console. Once you have a remote interpreter configured, you can use the “Tools | Run SSH Console…” action to open a console connected to the remote machine. PyCharm comes with a pretty complete terminal emulation environment – and you can even run vim in it if you like to.
  • The “Test RESTful Web Service” tool from IntelliJ IDEA is now available in PyCharm and provides an easy to use UI for running HTTP requests against Web services and displaying results returned in XML, JSON and other formats.
  • The “Unwrap/Remove” action, which provides a quick way to remove a control statement surrounding a block of code, is now supported for Python.
  • The Vagrant integration provides an easy way to configure a remote interpreter if you’re using Vagrant to configure your virtual machine.
  • “Extract Variable” and related refactorings can now be invoked on a selected fragment of a string literal, and correctly replace the selected fragment with a formatting operation referencing the extracted variable.

The complete release notes include much more details about the changes in the new build – and by the way, now the release notes include not only issues fixed by the PyCharm team but also all the fixes in IntelliJ Platform and the bundled plugins that affect PyCharm.

As usual, the new build can be downloaded from the EAP page, and the feedback is welcome in the issue tracker.

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