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Check out the PyCharm 3.0 roadmap

Wow! What a whirlwind the past couple weeks have been! We got back from PyCon 2013 which was conducted in Santa Clara in the middle of March. The conference was so awesome, people so amazing! We are so privileged to be a part of the community that is setting a standard every day in the Python programming world. We were able to talk to hundreds of people, answer their questions about our company, products, PyCharm itself and collect their valuable feedback. We had a booth in expo hall, participated in development sprints and made the lightning talk about PyCharm key features as well. That was awesome experience indeed!

Although being busy on the main conference and development sprints days, we have not stopped fixing bugs for released version of PyCharm and implementing new features to the our next very major release of PyCharm 3.0.

So, now we a very excited to announce the PyCharm 3.0 Roadmap. The suggested theme for the release is “Intelligence for third-party libraries”. We are really hope you will enjoy these new features are going to be implemented in PyCharm 3.0. As usual, your feedback on them is so much appreciated.

We’d like to thank you all for being with us!
Stay tuned for further updates! And do not forget to:
Develop with Pleasure! :-)

Sincerely yours PyCharm team:

P.S. This photo was made in our Jetbrains Saint-Petersburg office. From left to right: Dmitry Trofimov, Yulia Zozulya, Dmitry Filippov, Andrey Vlasovskikh, Dmitry Jemerov, Ekaterina Tuzova.

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