PyCharm 2.7.2 released

At last, the final version of the new bugfix update of PyCharm, version 2.7.2, has been released. Since we’ve upgraded to a newer version of the IntelliJ Platform (the same one as in IntelliJ IDEA 12.1.1), the full release notes for this update are rather long.

Just to remind you, some of the highlights are:

  • Bundled File Watchers plugin for automatic transpilation support of languages such as CoffeeScript/TypeScript, SASS/LESS and many others;
  • Support for Emmet, a new version of Zen Coding, an advanced system for abbreviated typing in HTML and CSS code;
  • Display of the current line separator for a file in the status bar and the possibility to change it for a single file or for multiple files in the project;
  • Possibility to tell PyCharm not to add the source and/or content roots of a project to PYTHONPATH;
  • Support for using the PyCharm console and “Run task” actions with remote interpreters.

The new build is available for download on our Web site, as well as for patch-based upgrade if you’re currently running version 2.7.1 or 2.7.2 RC2.

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