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Getting started with PyCharm is available

We are glad to let you know that we’ve just published our Getting Started with PyCharm tutorial to help jump-start your use of the PyCharm IDE. The tutorial is very simple as any getting started tutorial should be, and covers the basic workflow of pure Python application development from scratch.

Follow the tutorial to learn:

<li>how to create a simple Python project</li>
<li>how to configure your project structure</li>
<li>how to create Python source files from templates</li>
<li>editor basics with auto-completion and quick-fixes</li>
<li>auto-import and ‘surround with’ features usage</li>
<li>how to run your application</li>
<li>how to fine-tune your run/debug configurations</li>
<li>how to run a simple debugging session</li>
<li>and some source navigation and refactoring basics</li>


We want to continue improving this tutorial for you, so please give us your feedback in the comments below. What are we missing? What can we make clearer? Anything else you can tell us about getting started with PyCharm? Your input is valuable!
For more PyCharm tutorials, check out the Tutorials section on our Confluence page. We are working on adding more tutorials; the next one will be about editing with PyCharm. So stay tuned!

Develop with pleasure!
PyCharm team

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