[Webinar Recording] Python for the C# Developer

The recording of our February 6th webinar, Python for the C# Developer, is now available on JetBrains YouTube Channel. Michael Kennedy’s presentation and the code used in the recording can be found on GitHub.

Learn about some of the loved things from C# that can accomplished in Python and how it is done: Lambda expressions, foreach loops, rich class library, iterators and more.


If you use C# and .NET, you may be surprised to find out how many of the features that you love also exist in Python (often first). Python is a wonderful language. It is a clean, high-level language which values readability over many trade-offs.

You can build web applications serving billions of monthly page views. You can build cross-platform GUI applications such as DropBox. You can access amazingly powerful database servers such as MongoDB and SQL Server.

For more information about Michael, please visit http://blog.michaelckennedy.net  and follow him on Twitter @mkennedy.

Develop with pleasure!
– PyCharm team