Announcing the PyCharm 3.4 Release Candidate

We’re pleased to announce the availability of the PyCharm 3.4 Release Candidate.

This pre-release build 135.938 is available under the Early Access Program. That means a 30-day evaluation license agreement is already included with the Professional Edition of the PyCharm 3.4 RC.

The Community Edition build of the PyCharm 3.4 Release Candidate is also available. This edition is completely free and doesn’t have any timed license limitations.

Please take it for a spin and give us your feedback. The PyCharm 3.4 RC build is available for download from the Early Access Preview page.

PyCharm 3.4 Release Candidate mostly includes a consolidation of fixes for bugs and performance issues comparing to previous EAP builds. For the detailed list of notable changes and improvements, please check the Release Notes.

The most notable new feature in this build is the “Github” color scheme for the PyCharm editor:


This color scheme is inspired by the Github’s code viewer default color scheme. To enable this scheme in PyCharm, please go to Settings | Editor | Colors & Fonts and choose the “Github” color scheme. As for any other editor’s scheme, you can easily tweak it to better serve your preferences. Follow the What my PyCharm looks like, or choosing Look and Feel tutorial to learn how to completely customize your PyCharm’s appearance.

We hope that there will be no major bugs, however, should you encounter any problems, please report them to our public tracker.

A patch update from previous EAP builds should be available in short.

Stay tuned for a PyCharm 3.4 release announcement, follow us on twitter and develop with pleasure!

-PyCharm team

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5 Responses to Announcing the PyCharm 3.4 Release Candidate

  1. PY-12897 says:

    Could use some love here please? PY-12897

  2. darklow says:

    What about fixing Code Reformat bug that messes comments:

    Can’t use Code Reformat in new EAP versions, since it messes and rewrites all my comments and do it wrong. I already reported two issues on first days of first EAP was announced.

    Could you please look at those issues?
    Thank you.

    • Dmitry Filippov says:

      Ok, it’s planned to be fixed in 3.4. I’m not sure it will happen with 3.4 itself, but maybe with further bug updates like 3.4.1

  3. Ariel says:

    As always i’m really expecting for the next stable release, looks awesome.
    I hope it won’t start to be like Ubuntu when you make major build number changes for theme changes :)

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