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Feature Spotlight: Deployment with PyCharm

Happy Friday, everyone!

I’d like to highlight a very handy feature of PyCharm called Deployment support in our spotlight this week:


When developing some Python or Web applications, chances are at one point we will be deploying them. During development we may want to deploy our application to a testing/staging server, to a VM or a Vagrant box. And once release day is there we want to make sure our carefully crafted code makes it to production.

PyCharm shines here again, as it supports code deployment to remote hosts. Read the Deployment in PyCharm tutorial to learn how to easily set up mappings, browse files on a remote machine, upload and synchronize your code, compare local and remote versions of your files and configure automatic synchronization.

See you next week!

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2 Responses to Feature Spotlight: Deployment with PyCharm

  1. Avatar

    rogererens says:

    September 23, 2014

    Cool stuff!

    Would be nice if you could indicate in your feature spotlights (and tutorial, and help) whether the discussed feature is a Professional Edition-only feature or also in the Community Edition available.
    A requirement appears to be the Remote Hosts Access plugin, which I could not find in community edition.
    Only somewhere on the feature comparison page of Idea it can be seen mentioned (very indirectly!) in the Deployment Tools, available for the Ultimate Edition.

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