Announcing General Availability of PyCharm 4

We’re happy to announce the general availability of PyCharm 4, the new major release of our intelligent IDE for Python, Django, and Web development that brings more of everything you love about Python!


As before, PyCharm 4 is available as a full-fledged Professional Edition for Python and Web development or a free and open-source Community Edition for pure Python development.

Download PyCharm 4 for your platform today!

With v4 we’ve added more new features, more enhancements in existing functionality, more ways to enjoy coding… in short, more value.

ipythonnotebook_whatsnew@2xThis release is more scientifically focused with the introduction of IPython Notebook integration and the NumPy array viewer along with NumPy code insight and support for matplotlib in the integrated python console.


bdd_whatsnew@2xNow PyCharm 4 boosts your productivity even further, thanks to special assistance for BDD (Behavior-Driven Development). Take full control over your textual requirements and graphical representation of test results, and enjoy extensive and intelligent assistance at each step of the overall BDD process. behave and lettuce, two of the most popular Python tools for BDD, are supported.

debugger_whatsnew@2xThe PyCharm debugger has grown more powerful as well. We’ve merged our debugger code with that from the original PyDev repository, which means a lot of improvements in the united debugger. We’ve also added a brand-new attach to process feature, so you can now connect a debugger with any running Python process and debug in the attached mode. When debugging your project you can now open the referring objects view for any object during runtime. And if that’s not enough, the PyCharm debugger now works with Jinja2 templates.

More goodies in this release include:

  • Improved Python/Django console tool window
  • Now you can leave the console open after a project run or a debug session
  • View of call hierarchy trees for method calls in different scopes
  • Better package management
  • Unittest subtests support
  • New project creation wizard
  • A host of improvements inherited from WebStorm 9 and the ever-growing IntelliJ Platform
  • And even more

Please see the what’s new page for more details or, for a quick visual overview, watch this short What’s New in PyCharm 4 video:

Please download PyCharm 4 for your platform here!

possibleAnd in case you missed it, PyCharm has recently become much more education-friendly! Recently we launched PyCharm Educational Edition, a free & open source edition of PyCharm IDE for students that learn programming and their teachers. Get your free PyCharm Educational Edition today.

PyCharm 4 Professional Edition is a free update for everyone who purchased their license after November 19, 2013. As usual, a 30-day trial is available if you want to try PyCharm as your new Python/Django IDE.

Develop with pleasure!
The JetBrains PyCharm Team

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Product Marketing Manager at JetBrains
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52 Responses to Announcing General Availability of PyCharm 4

  1. Christopher Hiller says:

    Where are the release notes?

  2. Nikolay Mayorov says:

    Thank you for this release.

    Overall PyCharm is great, but you need to improve numpy/scipy support and code insight in general. Just run ipython notebook and see that it can provide call signature and doc string for almost every function in every submodule in numpy (like numpy.random, numpy.linalg and so on). PyCharm provides none, I would say it doesn’t support autocompletion in numpy at all, the same goes for scipy . I think it’s a serious flaw and I would so much rather see that fixed than thinks like ipython notebook support and array viewer.

    Such issues hang on issue tracker (), but they don’t seem to get any attention.

    • traff says:

      Hi Nikolay!
      True that numpy/scipy needs to be improved and we plan to do it soon. But I don’t agree that issues about it hang in tracker without attention. We’ve fixed a bunch of code insight Numpy related issues for the 4.0. Yes it’s not much but the work is in progress.

    • Dmitry Filippov says:

      Thank you for the suggestions and your general feedback!
      Support of scientific tools and libraries is of a top priority. We’re going to work on this area extensively for a future release of PyCharm.

      • Nikolay Mayorov says:

        I overstated that “PyCharm doesn’t support autocompletion in numpy at all” and I’m sorry. But there are a lot of issues with missing methods, doc strings, etc. I’m sure you know about them. Also thank you for pointing to resolved issues.

        Again, I’m amazed how well it works in ipython: it provides all public functions with doc strings and none of inner symbols of numpy (irrelevant to user). As I understand PyCharm does its indexing/skeleton building in a very generic way and ignores a lot of “hints” from files. And that seems to be the reason of somewhat unsatisfactory results for complex libraries.

        I’m very glad that you are going to make improvements in this direction. Thank you again.

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  5. Kevin Dahl says:

    Seems to be a lot of IPython features missing, i.e, SHIFT-ENTER to execute a cell and advance to the next cell (it executes, just doesn’t advance), an option to run-all, minimizing or collapsing the output of a code block, no way to interrupt execution, restart the kernel, etc. It’s a step in the right direction, but I can’t see any compelling reason to use it over IPython notebooks right now, except maybe the ease of VCS integration in the IDE.

    • traff says:

      Hi Kevin, thanks for your feedback! If you lack any feature please feel free to submit an issue to our tracker.
      As for the reason to use PyCharm integration over original IPython Notebook editor is at the first place code insight and type inference that is provided by PyCharm.

      • Kevin says:

        Done – PY-14559.

        Code insight and type inference would be nice, but I can’t yet bring myself to use it without the execution flow items I mentioned, as I just use them to heavily right now.

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  7. Nikita says:

    Will all that new features be available for python plugin in idea 14? And when it’s going to be upgraded?

    • Dmitry Filippov says:

      As usual, almost everything that announced in this release will be available in idea via the python plugin. The updated plugin will be available in a short time.

  8. nick says:

    It seems like there isn’t support for the Django migrate function to be run within the terminal. Is that accurate?

    • traff says:

      Hi Nick!
      Yes, you can run migrate function with tasks..(Ctrl+Alt+R) action. What do you mean by running within terminal?

  9. DanyC says:

    Great work guys!

    One thing which is really disappointing is to see that with a valid 3.4 license i can’t upgrade to v4 unless i renew it. If i remember correctly it was different from v2 to v3.

    Shame i must say.

    • Dmitry Filippov says:

      Hi, The PyCharm license is perpetual – that means you can use the latest updated version forever. However we have upgrade subscriptions which come with licenses. When you got your license – you got 1 year subscription for all updates. So you could upgrade to any new version of PyCharm for free during this period. Now it seems to be your subscription is over. That’s why you can’t upgrade to v4 for free, for that you need to renew your subscription (not the license).

      • Jason Denning says:

        My subscription is not expired until January – am I able to upgrade to v4 without renewing my subscription?

      • DanyC says:

        Okay Dimitry, i get that.

        Let me give you more info: today i bought a license – personal one(not company) and i re-register my current version already installed on my Mac 3.4.1. After that i run “Check for updates” – no new updates available. Any idea?

        Do i need to download v4 manually and then install it on top of what is currently intaslled?(will that work without screwing my current projects?)


  10. Pavel says:

    Why have you removed the search in the selected line? When searching you can search in the selected line of text, but not now.

  11. Michael Danziger says:

    Will the upgrade be released as a patch or do we have to download the full installer?

  12. Mike Pagel says:

    Does this release finally fix the HIDPI screen issues we are tired of seeing in
    all IDEA based products?

  13. Nik Molnar says:

    Is there any way to run multiple consoles? Prior to PyCharm 4, if you already had a console running and chose Tools > Python Console, you’d get a second, independent console. Now, it just brings you to the one that’s already running.


    • traff says:

      Hi Nik!
      Now you can’t run more than one Python console. Previously there were a lot of problems with that when you could have a mess from different consoles without proper way to navigate among them. So it’s gone now. But if you have a valid use case why the ability to have more than one console should be preserved please don’t hesitate to submit an issue to our tracker about that.

  14. Johann Visagie says:

    Thanks for another great release!

    One minor nitpick / question: What happened to the “text” tab that was present in the EAP when editing an IPython Notebook? There now seems no way to edit the JSON of a Notebook directly.

    • Dmitry Filippov says:

      Hi Johann,

      normally, direct editing raw ipynb files in JSON is not a valid way to work with IPython Notebooks. It’s not supported in classic IPython Notebook and we also moved this out. It was in EAP since this feature was in a test mode.
      I’m curious why would you ever need to edit JSON of IPython Notebook? Is there any case when it’s needed?

      • Johann Visagie says:

        Hi Dmitry

        Thanks for the reply, and sorry that it took me so long to reply in return — I had completely forgotten that I’d asked a question in this comment section!

        To answer your question: I’m developing an online course for our students using IPython Notebooks, and I have found it rather hard to “refactor” my text, due to the fact that there’s no simple way to select a number of cells and move them around within a Notebook.

        One way of doing such edits had been to use the text tab, enable folding and then simply move whole sections of JSON around. I realise this is a risky way of working with a Notebook, but it had its benefits for me.

        (The solution I have since adopted involves round-tripping my Notebooks via Markdown — of all things! — and doing all my editing in a programmer’s editor rather than in the Notebook itself.)

        By the way, the PyCharm Help still mentions the text tab. If it’s not going to be reinstated, these references should probably be removed.

  15. Gaëtan de Menten says:

    Thanks for another great release.
    I second Kevin Dahl comments about IPython notebook integration being not good enough *yet* for me to actually use it but given that it is a large endeavor, this is a great first step in the right direction. I just hope that in subsequent releases it will receive the polish it deserves so that it becomes actually more attractive to use it instead of running a notebook on the side.

    I also agree with Nikolay Mayorov that improved code insight for numpy would be greatly appreciated.

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  17. This looks like a great update to a great tool. I’m teaching my graduate statistics class using the community edition so I can expose the students to using Python for data analysis and business analytics. Thanks for putting out a great product.

  18. Alexa says:

    При прохождении курса Pythonintroduction столкнулся с проблемами и непонятным поведением программы при решении задач курса. Где можно обсудить решение задач и понять причины странного их поведения?
    Например в задаче String length решение принимается только если испортить имя функции len(). Прошел с таким решением, при этом вывод в консоли с ошибками:

    first_half = phrase[1:int(llen(phrase)/2)-1]

    • Dmitry Filippov says:


      получить помощь и обсудить PyCharm Educational Edition можно несколькими способами:
      1. Если вы заметили ошибку, то создайте тикет здесь:
      Наши разработчики получат нотификацию и ответят в чем проблема, и либо устранят ее, либо подскажут что нужно сделать чтобы обойти проблему.
      2. Форум в котором пользователи, а также наши разработчики обсуждают различные проблемы. (В форуме желательно писать по-английски, чтобы получить помощь других пользователей PyCharm)
      3. Бесплатный суппорт JetBrains – можно писать по-русски

      Касательно конкретно этой задачи – правильным решением явлется
      first_half = phrase[0:int(len(phrase)/2)]

  19. Brian Yeh says:

    Version 4 broke so many things. I can no longer connect to remote vagrant interpreters. While the debugger can run a server remotely on my VM the debugger no longer catches a breakpoint.

    • traff says:

      Hi Brian, if you experience any problem with PyCharm 4.0 update, please report to our tracker. Providing additional details about your configuration will help us to find a solution to your problem.

  20. Hans says:

    Is the python notebook integration also coming for the IntelliJ plugin? thanks!

  21. Robson Peixoto says:

    The Intellij IDEA python plugin’s aren’t woking the remote interpreter =/

    Are there plan to fix it?


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  23. ww says:

    Hi, We really need multiple consoles. You know, we are the data analyzer, so we often need 2,3 or more python consoles to run at the same time. So, please consider our requirement. Thanks.

  24. George says:

    pycharm 4 is not a good option, 3 is way more stable and it appears stock stuff in debugger 3 is broken in 4.

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