Announcing the PyCharm 4 Release Candidate

We are now approaching the final steps towards the PyCharm 4 release. So today we’re happy to announce the availability of the PyCharm 4 Release Candidate.

Please take it for a spin and give us your feedback. The PyCharm 4 RC build 139.431 is available for download from the Early Access Preview page.

PyCharm 4 Release Candidate mostly includes a consolidation of fixes for bugs comparing to previous EAP builds. For the detailed list of notable changes and improvements, please check the Release Notes.

In case you missed what’s new coming in PyCharm 4 – please read the blog posts covering new features in the first, second, and third EAP builds.

We hope that there will be no major bugs, however, should you encounter any problems, please report them to YouTrack – there’s still a bit of time to fix stuff before the final release.

Stay tuned for a PyCharm 4 release announcement, follow us on twitter and develop with pleasure!

-PyCharm team

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9 Responses to Announcing the PyCharm 4 Release Candidate

  1. Omu cu Lopata says:

    Autoupdate is again not working… I don’t want to install it manually every week, so I’ll wait for the release :)

    • traff says:

      Sorry for inconvenience, the impossibility of patch update was caused by some changes regarding binaries assembling. This will be fixed starting from the next update.

  2. Jason Sachs says:

    I can’t seem to run PyCharm 4 RC on my Mac. I’m running OSX Snow Leopard. I downloaded the Community Edition with the bundled JRE 7, and I double-click on the app icons once it’s in the Applications folder, with no response, no dialog box, no nothing.

  3. Bastian says:

    Looks nice.. but I get a warning when doing remote debugging.. maybe you forgot to update someting ,)

    Warning: wrong debugger version. Use pycharm-debugger.egg from PyCharm installation folder.

  4. Nicholas Stevenson says:

    I am running into a strange issue, I searched through the known issues and didn’t find anything, so hopefully I’m not repeating a known bug. Code completion will happily work, showing me all of my functions and variables inside a project module. But, it will immediately stop if I am working inside a simple function. Our project setup works perfectly with other IDEs, as well as PyCharm 3, but seems to act funny with 4. I’d be happy to provide more information if this is indeed a new issue!

    import common.commonUtility

    def testFunc():

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