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Design a Python Programming Course and Win!

The JetBrains PyCharm team is thrilled today to announce the start of the Interactive Programming with Python educational contest!


This is a great chance for teachers and instructors all around the globe to show their experience and skills in creating a programming course that thousands of learners will use.
The theme of the contest is PROGRAMMING EDUCATION WITH PYTHON. This is just a general guideline, so use your imagination to create your own unique course. You can build a basic introductory Python programming course, a bioinformatics algorithms course, an advanced data mining course, or anything else—as long as it’s educational and involves programming with Python. Get your creative juices flowing, develop the best interactive course, and compete for valuable prizes!

First, register in the contest, either as a team or an individual. You’ll have about 2 months to develop your programming course and submit your entry. Entries will be judged on a range of criteria accessible to different educational approaches and topics, so don’t be afraid to dive in!
In addition to being a fun competition, this contest is meant to encourage people to start teaching and learning programming using Python and PyCharm. Anyone who feels like creating an exciting and useful interactive programming course can and should take part!
As a known supporter of different educational programs, JetBrains is sponsoring this contest with valuable prizes. For more details on the conditions, rules and prizes please see the contest webpage, where you can also submit your entry.

Best of luck, and have fun!

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