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PyCharm 4.0.5 RC is available

We are happy to announce the availability of PyCharm 4.0.5 Release Candidate. Since the previous bug-fix update in early January we’ve gathered a lot of fixes for different PyCharm’s subsystems. Actually we’re almost ready to release them to you as PyCharm 4.0.5, but before we do that, we’d like to make sure that this build doesn’t hide any surprises. That’s why we’re releasing PyCharm 4.0.5 RC today.

Installers for PyCharm 4.0.5 RC (build 139.1485) can be found on Early Access Preview page.

The complete list of changes is in the PyCharm 4.0.5 RC release notes. The most notable among them are: a critical fix for broken code insight for PyPy, a couple of fixes for unresolved NumPy functions, and a few important fixes for Django 1.7 support.

Patch updates from the previous versions should be available soon. Just make sure you’ve enabled the “Early Access Preview” update channel in your update settings. In case you want to keep your current PyCharm installation untouched but still want to try the new RC version, please don’t use the patch update – install the new version alongside from scratch instead.

We hope there’ll be no major bugs in this build and we’ll be able to give it a green light as PyCharm 4.0.5 within the next week.

As always, please report any problem you found to our public issue tracker. By doing so you help us make PyCharm better.

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-PyCharm team

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