Early Access Program Releases

PyCharm 4.0.5 RC2 is available

Having announced the PyCharm 4.0.5 RC build a week ago, today we’ve published the PyCharm 4.0.5 RC2 build 139.1525, which is already available for download and evaluation from the EAP page.

This build has only two new fixes that can be found in the release notes: a fix for deprecation warning when using Behave and an important fix for debugging multi-process Pyramid and Google App Engine projects.

We encourage you to download PyСharm 4.0.5 RC2 build 139.1525 for your platform and test the latest fixes. Please report any bugs and feature request to our Issue Tracker. It also will be available shortly as a patch update from within the IDE.

Develop with pleasure!
-PyCharm Team

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