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Meet the PyCharm Team in Bilbao, Spain, at EuroPython 2015

europython-2015-logo-white-bgThe JetBrains PyCharm Team is currently in Bilbao, Spain, for EuroPython 2015 (July 20–26). The conference is held in the Euskalduna Conference Center (ECC, Abandoibarra Etorbidea 4, Bilbao).

EuroPython is the second largest global conference for the popular programming language Python, surpassed only by the PyCon US conference. It is aimed at the entire Python community, from professional programmers to those who are just starting to learn this fantastic language. This year’s event will feature more than 200 sessions, including three by JetBrains:

CAN RUST MAKE PYTHON SHINE?Monday, July 20, at 14:30
by Dmitry Trofimov

Rust is a new programming language from Mozilla. It is fast, safe and beautiful. It is also a very good option when you need performance. In this talk we’re going to look at Rust and see what it offers and how we can leverage it as Python developers. And we’ll do it with a case study: a statistical profiler for Python.

NUMPY: VECTORIZE YOUR BRAINThursday, July 23, at 12:30
by Ekaterina Tuzova

NumPy is the fundamental Python package for scientific computing. However, being efficient with NumPy might require slight changes in how you write Python code.
I’m going to show you the basic idioms essential for fast numerical computations in Python with NumPy. We’ll see why Python loops are slow and why vectorizing these operations with NumPy can often be good.
Topics covered in this talk include array creation, broadcasting, universal functions, aggregations, slicing and indexing. Even if you’re not using NumPy, you’ll benefit from this talk.

by Andrey Vlasovskikh

PEP 484 introduces type hints for Python 3. Type hints can increase the readability of our code for both humans and tools, and lead to better and safer outcomes. And we’ll prove it in this talk!
We’re going to take a closer look at type hints and see practical examples of where they can be used and what value they provide. We’ll see that simple class types and built-in collection types are often enough for our public APIs. We’ll also discuss how you can benefit from type hinting stubs for third-party libraries and briefly cover more advanced scenarios like generic types.

This show represents a great opportunity to meet PyCharm team members, learn about the latest releases, our current developments and future plans, discuss the latest trends in the Python world and related technologies… or just say ‘Hi!’. Stop by our booth in the expo hall, ask questions and share your experiences with PyCharm and other JetBrains products. We’re raffling some PyCharm licenses so be sure to register and grab some of our cool giveaways too!

We look forward to meeting you there. For more information on the EuroPython 2015 conference, please visit its official website.

Develop with pleasure!
PyCharm team

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