PyCharm Educational Edition 2.0 is coming soon

Today, we’re excited to let you know that PyCharm Educational Edition 2.0 is coming this September. Since the previous release we’ve improved a lot of things, implemented new functionality, added new programming courses, and fixed bugs.


The best things about this edition will stay unchanged – it’s still going to be a completely free and open source software, specifically designed to help beginners with little or no previous coding experience to learn programming quickly and efficiently, while using a modern professional tool.

The list of improvements can be found on the Coming in v2.0 page. They are:

  • Simplified Step-by-Step Debugger
  • Inline Debugger
  • Simplified UI
  • Scratch Files
  • Quick Package Installation
  • Integration with Stepic
  • Various course creation improvements

We encourage you to sign up for PyCharm Educational Edition 2.0 Preview and use it in the upcoming educational year.

Learn programming and educate with pleasure!
JetBrains PyCharm Team

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2 Responses to PyCharm Educational Edition 2.0 is coming soon

  1. jose luis says:

    Good afternoon, I am python newbie and am learning to work with pycharm editor and
    I am jurprised that in the console l`ve run result no appear just out “process completed
    successfully whith exit……” I have the book a byte of Python. And I would like to see the ouputof the program runing.
    thanks you for your attention and thank you for your answer.

  2. Rubén says:

    Me parece un excelente programa para aprender algo de programacion

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