PyCharm and Django Announce 30% Discount With All Proceeds Going to DSF

After years of premier support for the Django Framework, JetBrains PyCharm gives a big boost to the Django Software Foundation’s (DSF) fundraising. During a two-week campaign, buy PyCharm Professional Edition with a 30% discount code and all money raised will go to the DSF’s general fundraising and Django Fellowship program. Additionally, JetBrains is sponsoring PEP 484 type hinting in Django through a separate DSF Fellowship grant.

frank-wiles“Django has grown to be a world-class web framework, and coupled with PyCharm’s Django support, we can give tremendous developer productivity,” says Frank Wiles, DSF President. “The DSF helps make this growth happen, and we are delighted to have JetBrains support in our fundraising.”

PyCharm is the leading Python IDE for professional developers, with a long history of first-class support for Django. The two products share common ideals of developer productivity and clean, pragmatic design, and PyCharm’s Django support has evolved through the years as Django expanded and improved.

dmitry-filipov“For six years, Django has been the stable rock in our feature set,” says Dmitry Filippov, JetBrains Product Marketing Manager. “The success of Django is invaluable for us as well as for the whole Python community. This promotion gives us an opportunity to strengthen PyCharm’s relationship with Django by helping the DSF reach its fully-funded campaign goal.”

About the Promotion

During this two-week promotion, you can effectively contribute* to Django by purchasing an Individual PyCharm Professional annual subscription at a 30% discount. It’s very simple:

  1. Click this link to go to the PyCharm annual subscription page.
  2. On the check-out page, сlick “Have a discount code?”.
  3. Enter this 30% discount promo code:
  4. Fill in other required fields on the page and click the “Place order” button.

Read more details on the special promotion page.

Again, all proceeds from this promotion will go to the DSF fundraising campaign—not just the profit, but actually the entire sales amount. This campaign will help the DSF continue contributing to different outreach and diversity programs such as Django Girls workshops, the Django Fellowship program, sponsoring official Django conferences, and many others.

*Please note this purchase is not a tax-deductible donation. The promo code is only applicable for buying new Individual PyCharm Professional Edition annual subscriptions. The offer doesn’t apply to other products or types of subscriptions.

Type Hinting (PEP 484) in Django under the Django Fellowship Program

Additionally, the DSF and JetBrains announce a grant for the Django core development activity under the Django Fellowship program in order to bring the new Python Type Hints standard (PEP 484) into future versions of Django.

frank-wiles“Python 3 support has been a strong focus for Django in recent years,” says Wiles. “Python 3.5 and type hinting are a huge step towards developer productivity, especially combined with powerful tools like PyCharm. This JetBrains grant helps our Django Fellows and community bring type hinting to Django.”

The standard is already quite stable, with only a few amendments over the last year. With this work, which starts soon, the DSF will be funding Django core developers and other community members to help with the development.

dmitry-filipov“We believe in Python 3 and the benefits of type hinting, particularly for frameworks like Django,” says Filippov. “Type hints in Django can let PyCharm boost Django developer productivity with better code inspections, code completion, and refactorings. We’re going to pioneer PEP 484 use in Django, making tremendous headway into the future of Django and Python.”

There’s no exact timeline for the project yet, but keep an eye on the django-developers mailing list and the Django blog for updates as work progresses.

If you have any questions, get in touch with Django at or JetBrains at

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