Announcing PyCharm 2016.2.2

PyCharm 2016.2.2 is now available from the download page. Soon it will also be available as a patch update from within the IDE (from v2016.2.1).

With this update, we’ve fixed several major problems in the debugger and in the code analysis subsystem. The Release Notes lists all fixes for this update.

Download PyСharm 2016.2.2 for your platform from our website and please report any problem you found in the Issue Tracker.

If you’d like to discuss your experiences with PyCharm, we look forward to your feedback in comments to this post and on Twitter.

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4 Responses to Announcing PyCharm 2016.2.2

  1. Avatar

    John says:

    August 26, 2016

    Great release!

    Could fixing .coveragerc support be looked at for the next release?

    Currently there is a disconnect between what PyCharm shows and CI servers show due to this issue.

    • Avatar

      Dmitry Filippov says:

      August 29, 2016

      Thank you for pointing to this issue. We’ll consider to implement this in our future major releases.

  2. Avatar

    Sarvex Jatasra says:

    August 31, 2016

    What is going on Jetbrains ?

    * Too many releases in too short a time…
    * Majority of them unable to upgrade patches.
    * This is the third time this month I will be doing a full upgrade on all the platform… talk about data wastage.

    • Avatar

      Dmitry Filippov says:

      September 7, 2016

      We’re currently working on improving the experience upgrading to newer versions.

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