Next Batch of In-Depth Screencasts: VCS

In January we recorded a series of screencasts that introduced the major features of PyCharm — an overview, installation, editing, running, debugging, etc. In April we did our first “in-depth” screencast, focusing on testing.

We’re happy to announce the next in-depth screencasts, and note the plural: this is a 3-part series on using version control systems (VCS) in PyCharm. The JetBrains IDEs, including PyCharm, have worked very hard over the years to put a productive, easy UI atop version control. These videos spend more time showing the features that are available.

In the first video we cover Getting Started with VCS, going over: Versioning without a VCS using Local History, Setting Up a Local Git Repository, Uploading to GitHub, and Getting a Checkout from GitHub.

Next, we go over Core VCS: Color Coding, Adding Files, Committing Changes, Using Refactor, then Diff, History, Revert, and Update.

The last video concentrates on Branching, Merging, and Pushing:

We’re very happy to release these in-depth screencasts, which we’ve been working on for some time and were highly requested. And again, if you have any topics that you’d like to see get expanded screencast attention, let us know.

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