Welcome PyCharm Edu 3!

Today we bring you PyCharm Edu 3, the third major release of our free, easy and professional tool for learning programming with Python. This release introduces a new, revolutionary approach to learning Python more easily and effectively in a smart way, and focuses on course creation functionality to build your own programming courses.


Download PyCharm Edu 3 for your platform today!

What’s New in PyCharm Edu 3?

  • Brand-new experimental adaptive Python course
  • Enhanced task description panel
  • Hyperlinks in task descriptions
  • Course preview within the course creation mode
  • Running and debugging custom tests
  • Automatic course dependencies
  • Multiple hints for subtasks
  • Python version compatibility information
  • A fix for raw input in the debug mode
  • Enhanced course view in the course creation mode
  • And more

Please see the What’s new page for more details.

As an instructor, you can use PyCharm Edu 3 to create, modify and distribute your own courses. Read more on how to create your own course or, for a quick visual overview, watch this introductory video:

The IDE is distributed as a free and open-source software under the Apache 2.0 license. This means you and your students can download and use it for educational or any other purposes—for free.

For more details and learning materials, visit the PyCharm Edu website, learn how PyCharm Edu works and check out the Quick Start guide to get rolling.

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11 Responses to Welcome PyCharm Edu 3!

  1. Janusz Opiła says:

    Is it possible to run Python course embedded into Educational version using PyCharm Pro?

  2. Dave Gibbs says:

    PyCharm 2.0.4 ‘s project view of the Introduction to Python tutorial included names on the project, folder (lesson), and files (tasks). PyCharm 3.0 has the outer folder name for the Project and then just “Lesson 1” and “Task 1” and “Task 2”.

    Something happened to the display of these lessons in the change from 2.0.4 to 3.0? That’s troublesome because I made screen shots using the named lessons and tasks, etc. And now they’re gone.


  3. I’m trying to learn php and there is this one guy on youtube that suggested me to learn python instead. Is this totally free?

    – Mika

    • Dmitry Filippov says:

      Python is a multi-use all purpose programming language as opposite to php, which is being used for web only. Python has clearer syntax and is easy to learn. Python is recommended as a first language by many educational institutions.

  4. BT says:

    Is it possible to import/install pygame into Pycharm Edu?
    I can’t find a place to import pygame files. When i download pygame 1.9 and install it, it says it needs python to be installed. I’m thinking that Pycharm Edu (3.0.1) is running like a black box, so my mac doesnt know its there?

    how can i get around this? without pygame, i’m not able to develop using game related functions.

  5. maxcol says:

    thanks for share a good video ,very helpful thanks again

  6. Egon says:

    I have installed PyCharm Edu version 3.5.1. on windows 10 (x64).
    After selecting “Introduction to Python” a small window pops up titled: error in course creation. It tells me: Some problems occurred while creating the course.
    Does anybody know what this means ? Or even better, a way to fix this ?

    After the message there is a huge delay (minutes). Then I get a window with a grey background with 3 lines:
    Navigate to the next answer placeholder Ctrl+Enter
    Vavigate between answer placeholders /
    Navigate between tasks /

    Since I have never used PyCharm this does not make any sense to me.

    I have seen the video tutorial but the behaviour is completely different.

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