Early Access Program Releases

PyCharm 2016.3 Public Preview 3

This week’s public preview version is out now! If you want to try out the 2016.3 features now, get it from the preview page. As a preview version, it comes with a free 30-day preview license.

Since last week, we’ve:

  • Improved Jupyter Notebook (previously known as IPython Notebooks) support: split and merge cells, customized command line arguments, and support for IPython profiles. We’ve also fixed a lot of bugs.
  • Added support for node.js Yarn tasks.
  • And fixed a lot of bugs

You can see all the new features since 2016.2 and try out the new version on the preview page. For more details on what’s new, check out the release notes.

If you want to receive the new preview version every week, set your update channel (Help > Check for Updates, and then click the ‘updates’ link) to “Early Access Program” or “Beta Releases or Public Preview”.

If you find any bugs in PyCharm, or would like to request a feature, please let us know on the issue tracker!

-PyCharm Team

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