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Help us make a great PyCon US tutorial proposal

tl;dr Fresh new tutorial techniques and testimonials solicited

PyCon US 2017 is around the corner if you stretch your neck and have good eyesight. More specifically, the deadline for tutorial proposals is right on our doorstep. We’ve been hatching a good idea for a tutorial, putting a lot of work into finding some clever new approaches and would like some ideas from our PyCharmers.

And selfishly, we’d like some testimonials we can submit if you attended our EuroPython or PyCon India tutorials.

Our tutorial idea is “Debugging for the Masses…Visually”. Our thesis: lots of people aren’t using the debugger, or aren’t using it fully. We’d like to help them get over the hump with some new twists, starting with a visual approach to debugging, using the free and open source PyCharm Community Edition.

We have some unique ideas planned:

  • The tutorial builds a 2d game in Python, introducing debugging concepts along the way
  • A twist on the presentation style
  • Animated visuals to explain hard-to-grasp concepts
  • And more…

Here’s an open call to PyCharmers…step back from the normal tutorial and think big. What are some fresh new ideas for a tutorial on making people productive with debugging?

And if you’ve gone to one of my tutorials (PyCharm, Pyramid, Plone, Python) over the years, please drop a note in the comments if you liked it. It’s a helpful part of a strong proposal submission, and we’re really working hard to deliver something special.

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