PyCharm 2016.3.1 Released

We are happy to announce that the latest version of PyCharm is now available! You can download it now from our webpage.

In this version we’ve resolved a lot of issues:

  • If you would like to disable the automatic activation of the project’s virtualenv in terminal, you can now disable this setting in Settings | Tools | Terminal | Activate virtualenv
  • Terminal path can be configured globally
  • The terminal on macOS will source your .bash_profile upon activation
  • Django: Warnings for non-existing config files, closing tags, code intentions
  • IPython and Jupyter Notebook fixes
  • Docker: Entrypoints in docker-compose configurations, environment variables on mac, working directory issues
  • Python Console: Execute code in console (Shift+Alt+E) indentation fixed, tab completion
  • And various other bugs, see the release notes for details

If you have some great ideas about how we can make PyCharm better, please let us know on our issue tracker!

-PyCharm Team
The Drive to Develop

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9 Responses to PyCharm 2016.3.1 Released

  1. TM says:

    Why is getting pushed to future versions again and again? This surely can’t be SO complicated!

    • Ernst Haagsman says:

      We’ve been working on it, it’s currently being QA-tested. Stay tuned for the EAP releases of PyCharm 2017.1, it will be available soon.

  2. Adelle says:

    Waiting for the releases! Great work!

  3. Yann says:

    Yes ! this one resolved PyCharm not using some interpreter like mayapy.
    Can finally work in PyCharm again. Thanks!

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  5. John says:

    The intentions to convert to the new format strings and variable annotations are so magical! Great work on 2016.3.

  6. Christopher F says:

    After dragging this upgrade over my previous version and starting it, I get a prompt window with
    “I want to import my settings from a custom location” (Not selected)
    “I do not have a previous version of PyCharm ….” (Selected)
    I DO have a previous version of PyCharm (2016.2.3 build PC-162 for Mac OS X). Why does it not know where to find the previous settings and where should I point it so that I can load them?

    I don’t recall having this problem with previous updates. Fortunately, I was able to run the previous version from a copy I kept.

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