Webinar: Extending a Django App with REST Capabilities using PyCharm, January 10th

Join us January 10th at 3pm GMT (4pm European time, 10am Eastern time) for our free webinar “Extending a Django App with REST Capabilities”.

  • Tuesday January 10th
  • 16:00 European Time, 10:00 Eastern Time
  • Register here

Django REST Webinar


This hands-on webinar will teach you how to leverage Python and Django to extend an existing web application and add REST capabilities. The webinar begins with an overview of an existing Django application built to track notes and then dives into adding REST using the Django REST Framework. Attendees can follow along as we build the Notes web application. We will show case using PyCharm to inspect the database and test our API. We will also look at debugging the application with the powerful PyCharm debugger.

About the presenter

Calvin Hendryx-Parker is the co-founder and CTO of Six Feet Up, a Python web application development company focused on deploying content management systems, intranets and portals, as well as custom web apps using Django, Pyramid and Plone. Under Calvin’s technical leadership, Six Feet Up has served organizations like Amtrak, Eli Lilly, NASA, UCLA and the United Nations.
As an advocate of open source, Calvin is also the founder and organizer of the IndyPy meetup group and Pythology training series in Indianapolis. In 2016 Calvin was nominated for a MIRA Tech Educator of the Year Award.

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A recording of this webinar will be placed on YouTube, this will be announced on this blog and our Twitter account.

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