Webinar: “Why Postgres Should Be Your Document Database” with Jim Fulton, March 20

Python and database developers are increasingly interested in document storage and PostgreSQL has an increasingly-attractive story. Come explore Postgres as a document database in our free webinar:

  • Monday, March 20th
  • 16:00 European Time, 11AM Eastern Daylight Time
  • Register here


Did you know PostgreSQL excels at storing JSON documents? Known mostly for its mature SQL and data-at-scale infrastructure, the PostgreSQL project added a “JSONB” column type in its 9.4 release, then refined it over the next two releases. While using it is straightforward, combining it in hybrid structured/unstructured applications along with other facilities in the database can require skill.

In this webinar, Python and database consultant Jim Fulton shows us how to use JSONB and related machinery for pure and hybrid Python document-oriented applications. We’ll also briefly discuss his long history back to the start of Python, and finish with his unique NewtDB library for native Python objects coupled to JSONB queries.

Jim will use PyCharm Professional during the webinar. PyCharm Professional bundles the database tools from JetBrains DataGrip, our database IDE. However, the webinar itself is focused on the concepts of JSONB.

Speaking to you

Jim Fulton is the creator of Zope (the first open source application server) and ZODB, a pure-Python object database. Jim now works on NewtDB, which combines the ease of use of ZODB’s object with PostgreSQL’s JSONB to provide a hybrid object-oriented and document-oriented database. He also created and maintains the Buildout development and deployment tool. Jim has been a Python contributor and leader since 1994.

As an independent consultant, Jim works on architectures for large-scale Python and database projects, bringing decades of business experience for both.

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