PyCharm 2017.1.5 Out Now

We’ve released a minor update for PyCharm 2017.1. In this update several bugs have been resolved:

  • Python debugging would generate ‘unknown opcode’ errors.
  • Empty lines in test runner output
  • Bugs which caused PyCharm to freeze
  • For details, read the release notes

Update PyCharm now by downloading the new version from our website, or by using the automatic updates either in PyCharm, or JetBrains Toolbox.

PyCharm Team
-The Drive to Develop

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12 Responses to PyCharm 2017.1.5 Out Now

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  2. Aravinth says:

    I’m using pycharm community edition 2017.1.5 (171.4694.67)django not supported in 2017.1.5 ? getting unresvoled error while making query from Model.
    where should i need to configure django.

  3. tomwen says:

    in china, I can’t receieve pycharm 2017.1.5 version update message.

  4. Miles says:

    Thanks for the fixes! When can we expect docker-compose version 3 to be supported?

  5. Giacomo Olgeni says:

    Seems like the PyCharm download page is still serving 2017.2 (?)

  6. Seems like the PyCharm download page is still serving community edition 2017.1.4, though in pycharm 2017.1.3 community edition itself I got a popup notice that 2017.1.5 was out.

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