PyCharm 2017.2 Out Now: Docker Compose on Windows, SSH Agent and more

PyCharm 2017.2 is out now! Get it today for Docker Compose support on Windows, SSH Agent, Azure Databases, and Amazon Redshift support.

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  • We’ve added some small improvements for editing Python files: a quick fix to change the signature of a function you’re calling, an inspection to make sure your Python strings formatted with str.format() work correctly, and auto-completion for type hints
  • Docker Compose is additionally supported on Windows (this feature is available only in PyCharm Professional Edition)
  • PyCharm 2017.2 supports using SSH Agent to handle your SSH private keys. Compatible tools like Pageant on Windows are also supported. (only in Professional Edition)
  • Database tools fully support connecting to Amazon Redshift and Azure Databases (only in Professional Edition)
  • Run inline SQL on multiple data source (only in Professional Edition)
  • Improvements for Version Control, JavaScript, and HiDPI support (JavaScript support is available only in Professional Edition)
  • And more, see our what’s new page for details

Get PyCharm 2017.2 now from our website!

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