PyCharm Edu 4 is Out, Enhanced for Both Learners and Educators

PyCharm Edu 4 is out now! This update brings a better user experience to both learners and educators, making the product’s use as simple as possible, whether it is used for learning, or for teaching.

PyCharm 4 is out

First of all, we’ve changed the welcoming UI. Now you begin by choosing your role, Learner or Educator. Depending on your choice, you get access to the courses you can join as a learner and can practice with the help of simple and effective “fill in the missing code” exercises. Or, you can create your own code practice tasks and integrated tests as an educator.


With PyCharm Edu 4, learners can now easily choose the course to join and start learning thanks to the new Welcoming UI.

Learn more about PyCharm Edu for learners.


Educators can now easily manage and share their learning materials thanks to better integration with Stepik.

Learn more about PyCharm Edu for educators.


Please let us know what you think about PyCharm Edu! Share your feedback here in the comments, on twitter or report your findings on YouTrack.

Your PyCharm Edu Team

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2 Responses to PyCharm Edu 4 is Out, Enhanced for Both Learners and Educators

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    Nikolay Komarov says:

    August 7, 2017

    I thought recently that it’d be great to have such a cool feature in JetBrains products, and bang! You already have it!
    I think that such a mod would be especially useful for new languages, like Go (in Gogland) and especially Kotlin. I guess it is at least planned to be implemented, is it?
    An another question – is it possible for 3rd party teachers to build own courses? I could imagine it as a web site where course author writes exercises and then gets a compiled plugin that could be attached to IDEA by his students.

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