Early Access Program Releases

PyCharm 2017.2 RC

We’ve been putting the finishing touches on PyCharm 2017.2, and we have a release candidate ready! Go get it on our website

Fixes since the last EAP:

  • Docker Compose on Windows issues with malformatted environment variables
  • Various issues in Django project creation
  • Incorrect “Method may be static” inspection
  • AttributeError during package installation
  • And a couple more, see the release notes for details

As this is a release candidate, it does not come with a 30 day EAP license. If you don’t have a license for PyCharm Professional Edition you can use a trial license.

Even though this is not called an EAP version anymore, our EAP promotion still applies! If you find any issues in this version and report them on YouTrack, you can win prizes in our EAP competition.

To get all EAP builds as soon as we publish them, set your update channel to EAP (go to Help | Check for Updates, click the ‘Updates’ link, and then select ‘Early Access Program’ in the dropdown). If you’d like to keep all your JetBrains tools up to date, try JetBrains Toolbox!

-PyCharm Team
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