Webinar: “Teaching Python 3.6 with Games” with Paul Craven, August 2nd

Want to teach Python? Want to use Python 3 type hinting in your applications? Want to write games? In this webinar, we look at all three, together, using the Arcade library for Python and its creator, Paul Craven.

  • Wednesday, August 2nd
  • 17:00 European Time, 11AM Eastern Daylight Time
  • Register here


Paul Craven is the creator of Arcade, a 2d game library, and author of Program Arcade Games with Python and Pygame. He’s also a college professor teaching beginning programming using Python and game-writing.

He has settled on Arcade, Python 3.6 and PyCharm CE in his instruction. Arcade is written for the purpose of teaching, and thus heavily uses Python 3.6 type hinting. In this webinar, Paul will discuss:

  • Teaching programming using Python and game-writing
  • 2d games, and how Arcade was designed to help teach students
  • How Python 3.6 type hinting, combined with an IDE, helps both teaching and writing a framework

Speaking to you

Paul Vincent Craven (@professorcraven) is head of the Computer Science Department at Simpson College in Indianola, Iowa. He has a Ph.D. in computer science from the University of Idaho, and Masters from Missouri S&T. He worked for several years in IT before becoming a full-time professor. He finds that teaching students to program video games is a lot more fun than writing software to track mortgages.

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