Early Access Program Releases

PyCharm 2017.3 EAP 8

This week’s early access program (EAP) version of PyCharm is now available from our website:

Get PyCharm 2017.3 EAP 8

Precompiled Cython Extensions on macOS

When debugging in PyCharm on macOS or Linux, you may have noticed the little popup which asks whether you’d like to install the Cython extensions. We hope many of you have already done this, but in case you haven’t yet, you now don’t need to anymore on macOS. This is good news, as it makes the PyCharm debugger a lot faster:

Debugger Performance with Cython

Of course, the debugger with Cython extensions works with your Python code, you don’t need to write Cython to use it.

Further Improvements

  • A critical bug that resulted in some users having to wait 5-10 seconds until their script started has been resolved
  • File watchers now have a ‘Run on external change’ option, this will make sure that your JS/CSS preprocessor runs when you change branches.
  • Desktop entries for PyCharm installed using snap, on Ubuntu 17.10 have been fixed.
  • And more, have a look at the release notes for details

If these features sound interesting to you, try them yourself:

Get PyCharm 2017.3 EAP 8

If you are using a recent version of Ubuntu (16.04 and later) you can also install PyCharm EAP versions using snap:

`sudo snap install [pycharm-professional | pycharm-community] –classic –edge`

If you already used snap for the previous version, you can update using:

`sudo snap refresh [pycharm-professional | pycharm-community] –classic –edge`

As a reminder, PyCharm EAP versions:

  • Are free, including PyCharm Professional Edition EAP
  • Will work for 30 days from being built, you’ll need to update when the build expires

If you run into any issues with this version, or another version of PyCharm, please let us know on our YouTrack. If you have other suggestions or remarks, you can reach us on Twitter, or by commenting on the blog.

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