Webinar: Putting Type Hints to Work

Optional type hinting in Python: after an initial flurry of “WAT?!”, PEP 484 has settled in, spawned follow-on-work, and started to see adoption. In this webinar, Daniel Pyrathon, host of PyBay’s opening panel on type hinting, joins us for “Putting Type Hints to Work”:

  • Tuesday, November 28th
  • 17:00 European Time, 11AM Eastern Standard Time
  • Register here


This webinar introduces the subject of optional static type hinting as part of Python development, in contrast to strong runtime enforcement in other languages. We’ll introduce the history of type hinting, the role of function and variable annotations in the language, demonstrate type hinting in action, and show how to get value from type annotations in your project.

This hands-on webinar is aimed at the Python developer that has looked at type hinting and is either interested or terrified.

Speaking to you

Daniel Pyrathon lives in San Francisco and is a Data Engineer at Coffee Meets Bagel, where he works on various recommendation engines and the matching algorithm. Daniel is also a voting member of the PSF and organizes SF Python, one of the biggest Python meetups in the Bay Area, helping new and experienced developers learn about Python and land jobs at great tech companies.

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