PyCharm Edu: First Impressions from One Learning Journey

Every learning journey is unique. The good thing is no learner is alone. Many others are keeping diaries of their stories and learning journeys and sharing them with the world. They can be a great source of help and motivation so you can stay on track and keep your motivation high.

If you’re just beginning the Introduction to Python course in PyCharm Edu on your way to become a programmer, please meet David Watson, Marketing Copywriter at JetBrains. David is self-learning how to program and sharing his progress, along with tips and highlights, on our Team blog.

Here’s a sample tip from David about an Introduction to Python course task:

My advice for this would be to copy out some of the code snippets to revise on after and also to try and write out the code from scratch… Maybe you think this is easy… seriously try and write out one of the tasks from scratch with no guidance. It is pretty difficult, but this type of exercise really forces you to engage with the information. Also at this point, it helps to test things out and get things wrong, if you have got the answer, yet don’t understand what a piece of code is doing in all of this, it is a perfect chance to see its effect by simply testing for yourself.

I guess that was a challenging one, but all the more useful for it. Find other interesting highlights in David’s recent post Developing the basics : Programming myself, week one.

The whole series so far includes:

Share your story too and you may find other pilgrims and soulmates to inspire and be inspired by!

Your PyCharm Edu Team

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