Webinar Recording: “MongoDB Quickstart with Python and PyCharm” with Michael Kennedy

Paul Everitt

January 30 we had Michael Kennedy from Talk Python with us for a webinar on MongoDB. Michael covered a bunch of material with a live-building of a PyPI-type service, using Python and MongoDB. Lots of fun and lots-lots-lots of questions from a big audience. Here’s the recording:


Specifically, Michael covered:

  • Material from https://github.com/mikeckennedy/jetbrains-webcast-build-with-mongodb
  • Explore the benefits of document databases with MongoDB
  • Learn how to map Python classes to MongoDB documents
  • Use an ODM (object-document mapper) to add structure and requirements to a schemaless database
  • See something useful built with MongoDB live

The recording is 1 hour and 20 minutes. If you have any questions about the material, post them here and we’ll either try to answer or ask Michael to pitch in. Thanks to Michael and thanks to everyone that participated.

-PyCharm Team-
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3 Responses to Webinar Recording: “MongoDB Quickstart with Python and PyCharm” with Michael Kennedy

  1. Rob Greene says:

    February 6, 2018

    Great webinar, really enjoyed it live and glad the recording is up – I needed it today! Very informative.

    Two things:
    – Is the Github repo up to date with the code as of the end of the webinar?
    – Is the script to populate the database with test data available somewhere?

  2. Michael Kennedy says:

    February 6, 2018

    Hi, thanks for having me on! Was great fun.

    Quick note, there is an error with the github link. Please use:


    • Paul Everitt says:

      February 6, 2018

      I just updated the URL in the blog post and in the YouTube description.


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