PyCharm 2018.1 RC

We’re getting close to the PyCharm 2018.1 release, and today we’re happy to present our release candidate. If you want to play with the new version before it’s out officially, you can get it from our website.

New in this Version

Easier configuration of SSH remote Python interpreters


Do you want to run some code on your Raspberry Pi, analyze data on a powerful cluster, or debug your web application in an AWS-hosted staging environment? PyCharm’s SSH remote interpreter can help you. Connect to your box in a few easy steps, and PyCharm will configure both file transfer and interpreter settings for you.

Try it out now, and let us know how you like it!

Further improvements

  • A bug where scientific projects would open a Python console with the wrong interpreter has been fixed
  • Cython extensions are now available for Python 3.7
  • Some code insight improvements
  • Find all improvements in the release notes


The release candidate is not an EAP version. Therefore, if you’d like to try out the Professional Edition, you will either need to have an active license, or you’ll receive a 30-day trial period. The Community Edition is free and open source software and can be used without restrictions (apart from the Apache License’s terms).

If you have any comments on our RC version (or any other version of PyCharm), please reach out to us! We’re @pycharm on Twitter, and you can of course always create a ticket on YouTrack, our issue tracker.

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